Igniting The Cannabis Growers Market

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Greenbank Ventures supports cannabis licensees at the production and processing level by providing advisory and logistics consulting services.

As a turnkey cultivation service provider, we work to help licensees expand quickly and cost efficiently, to maximize economies of scale and margins; from strain selection, yield, thc content, suitability, optimizing growability methods, to extraction and packaging.

Grounded In Quality

Working to develop product excellence at an affordable price by focusing on low cost production, and high quality output, we are committed to enhancing cannabis investment opportunities by supporting and facilitating the growth and operations of companies holding licenses to produce and/or process cannabis in the state. Our ultimate goal is to aid in expanding the market for high-quality, low-cost, organically grown cannabis flower. 

Our Values


Greenbank’s founders have been active since 2014, from establishing strategic relationships in the cannabis industry, to assisting and supporting cannabis businesses through turn-key services. Our market experts know what plants to use for product specific products and how to drive and create market demand. 

Supply Chain Management

Demand is consistently growing for high-quality, reliable volumes of marijuana. Greenbank helps optimize all stages of the production and processing supply chain to bring structure to ensure readily available, high quality cannabis products.


Our vision is to aid businesses in generating new interesting, cost effective marijuana products to drive market demand. Greenbank helps the licensees introduce new, higher quality products than what is currently available on the market. Our forward looking growth includes assessing entry for outside states, by monitoring the appetite for recreational use and decriminalization.